Tidying up Your Datacenter
Do you greet your datacenter when you walk in? Do you thank your nodes, racks, and cables for all the hard work they’ve done? Do you neatly arrange your hardware so it’s clearly visible and accessible? While Marie Kondo, expert tidier, author, and host of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, likely hasn’t applied her … Continued
Why Can’t IT Administrators and Decision Makers Agree on Cloud?
Here’s a test. Would you be comfortable giving a definition of ‘the cloud’ to a stranger? If you have any doubts, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Some people consider Dropbox to be a cloud. Others think that virtualized data centers are private clouds. And many people get mixed up about the differences between cloud … Continued
It’s Time to Forge a Consensus on Cloud
Ever since the emergence of cloud, there’s been fierce debate about which architecture is best. Public and private cloud both have their advocates. To get more insight into this subject, we carried out a worldwide survey of IT decision-makers and infrastructure professionals in 2018. 1 The findings showed a clear preference for one type of … Continued
Nutanix AOS 5.9 is Here!
Maryam Sanglaji, Product Marketing Principal The Nutanix AOS 5.8 release back in July 2018 unleashed many new security enhancements with a focus on encryption and identity management. We are excited to let you know that AOS 5.9 is here and available for you to download from the portal. AOS 5.9 has a lot of enhancements … Continued
Finally, we can talk about SAP HANA on Nutanix!
When you’re done reading here, be sure to also read the follow-on companion blog to this one about production certification for SAP HANA on Nutanix at this link. We’ve been struggling for months now to hold our tongues and not prematurely talk about this popular topic. We are at the cusp of yet another exciting … Continued