Nutanix Cloud Report

Nutanix Public Cloud Usage Report
2017 Edition

Comprehensive insights into cloud adoption and usage trends

Who’s adopting public cloud? How is it being used in today’s enterprises? And how does this information influence multi-cloud strategies?

All these questions and more are answered in the 2017 Public Cloud Usage Report, jam packed with detailed statistics on public cloud adoption and usage trends for businesses of all sizes, and based on cloud spend managed by Nutanix Beam. Get the latest data and analytics on SMB, mid-market, and enterprise customer segments for cloud computing.

Cloud Maturity Index

Cloud Maturity Index

    Just a taste of the insights inside:

  • Time to adopt cloud tools varies between business sizes, from 9 months for startups to 5 months for mid-size companies, and 15 months for enterprises
  • Most enterprises in the public cloud are actively pursuing DevOps practices
  • Companies with significant public cloud adoption seem to focus on non-production use cases (60% for enterprises)
  • Top cost saving actions include removal of unused resources in AWS, and rightsizing of resources in Azure

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