Acropolis Container Storage

Enterprise class, persistent storage for containers

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What is Container Storage?

Nutanix Container Storage Services delivers enterprise features such as resiliency, availability, disaster recovery, and capacity optimization for both Docker and Kubernetes leveraging Acropolis Block Storage Services (ABS).

Persistent, Resilient Storage

Persistent container volumes provide resilient storage for containerized stateful applications such as databases and web caches.

Container Plus Virtualized Applications

A common platform that supports both virtualized and containerized environments allows DevOps to pick the best technology for their needs without creating infrastructure silos.

Acropolis DSF Benefits

Persistent container volumes are backed by iSCSI block storage on the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF) with all the benefits of deduplication, compression, tiering and erasure coding.

Nutanix Kubernetes® External Provisioner

Nutanix provides a Kubernetes External Storage Provisioner that leverages Nutanix ABS (Acropolis Block Service) to dynamically provision, create, delete container volumes for stateful workloads.

Bridging the worlds of physical and virtual

ABS eliminates infrastructure silos by delivering the same simplicity Nutanix offers for virtualized workloads and file storage for physical workloads. In so doing, ABS bridges the physical and virtual worlds, consolidating infrastructure into a single unified platform.